The Three Things

The Nothing, the Something, and the Everything invite you to read their story.... they are always comparing their creative abilities.  Who's way is best?  After testing their talents, will they discover the winner, or will they learn a lesson they did not expect would surface?

School Programs

Join Annie for a hands-on workshop that will open up the doors to expression and self appreciation.  With various different workshops/school visits available, the goal is to encourage children to  think critically, consider community, and explore different aspects of the self using the concepts of the three characters in this book. 

Programs may include:

  • Reading of "The Three Things" in a rather silly way by Annie.
  • Telling and showing of how the book was created.  Children learn about the process of creating a picture book from start to finish.
  • Create your own character!  Drawing workshop... where children are walked through a process of character creation, design, and final drawing.  They are introduced to a basic design process, and encouraged to use their unique artistic skills to share a new character with the world. Best suited for grades 2-5.
  • Classroom world building project.  Students use their characters to create a meaningful community.  They discuss topics of tolerance, integration, and empathy.  After creating this world as a class, students write an individual story based on various characters within the world, and will publish this compilation as a class.

For bookings, questions, pricing (for workshops), please contact here.



November 2nd at the Napa Valley Museum: "Create your own character" workshop.  3:00pm